ppm research and consulting  
work - health - environment  
ppm is a multi-disciplinary research and training organisation focusing on occupational health and safety issues and on the working environment.  
ppm is supporting and advising  
policy makers  
individuals working on the improvement of working conditions and of the working environment.  
ppm is a private association formed under Austrian law. ppm is a non-profit organisation, and resources for its activities come from project grants and fees for consulting and other services provided to public and private institutions. ppm is a politically and economically independent organisation. Good and stable relations are being maintained with the Austrian Workers' Compensation Board (AUVA), the Labour Inspectorate, trade unions, the Austrian Chamber of Labour, the employers organisations, and with the Linz Occupational Health Service (AMD Linz). As to the contents of activities ppm closely co-operates with the Linz Academy of Occupational Medicine and Safety, the Linz training institutions for occupational health and safety professionals in Austria.  
Products and services of ppm are:  
conducting research projects  
information and consulting on occupational health and safety and work environment issues  
the developement of health promotion programmes in companies,  
education and training programmes for occupational health and safety professionals,  
seminars and workshops for workers, shop stewards, union activists, managers, teachers  
preparation of reports and other written material on occupational health and safety issues.  
ppm internationally is the Austrian counterpart of the European Work Hazards Network and represented on its European steering committee. Within the scope of the European Work Hazards Network and by being involved in various European research projects ppm has built up various links to scientific and government organisations particularly in Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway.  
Our address:  
ppm research and consulting
Kaplanhofstrasse 1
A 4020 Linz
Tel: ++43 (0)732/782078
Fax: ++43 (0)732/782078 - 99
E-Mail: ppm.linz@ppm.at
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